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The majority of traditional gyms and health centres have hundreds of members who don't even attend. They then have a large percentage of members that attend sporadically and are confused as to why they don't seem to be getting the results they deserve.  


It is incredibly difficult to motivate yourself on your own and with little instruction beyond your initial gym induction you can quickly lose focus and at worst give up all together.  Just take a walk around your usual gym and notice how many people are doing very little.  Every single session at SFC Gym is fully coached.


The best alternative is to hire a personal trainer who will design a training plan to suit your exact fitness goals and then push you to your limits to get fast results.  This can be very expensive with a decent personal trainer charging around £30 per hour.  We can provide this service and would certainly recommend personal training as your best option but understand this beyond the financial outgoing of your average salary - long term this isnt an option for many.


Another popular option is to join a fast track short term 6 to 12 week intense programme.  Again we have no issue with this but these courses are again often very expensive and results vary as they can be in very large groups with little personal attention to the individual. While short term results can be seen, this option also does not form a long term solution.  At SFC Gym every session is fully coached and in small groups.


We aim to offer the results of personal training at a cost that can be part of a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.  


Every session at SFC is closely coached and we are experts at getting results from complete beginners through to competitive athletes.  The nature of our sessions, and the way we carefully plan progression means that wherever you are on your fitness journey you will succeed.  


We measure success very differently to your average gym.  We look to make wholesale changes in attitude towards fitness and weight loss.  We look to get you to progress with fitness goals that can be measured in terms of strength, flexibility and endurance.  


We aim to offer the same experience of personal training through our group FIT and LIFT programmes at a sensible price.   We offer boot camp style fitness classes and circuit training as well as boxing, kickboxing, yoga and weight training sessions.  We are experts in group and personal training using up do date scientific methodology alongside old school training.    


Why does SFC work?

Set up early 2014, the main difference between the SFC and other gyms is our personal attention to our clients, we offer the experience of personal training at the same monthly cost of an average gym.  Also we are nice and dry in a brand new private gym unlike a lot of boot camps that are based in parks.


At SFC we teach 6 completely different training styles several times throughout the week that aim to develop the following areas of fitness;  Weight management, Aerobic Endurance, Strength, Flexibility and Muscle Tone.  To find out about the 6 sessions please click on the links below.


                         SFC Lift

                         FIT Camp

                         BOX Camp

                         HIIT Camp


                         Kick Boxing



This flexibility and variety in training styles is completely unique and unrivalled in membership to a small independent facility as far as we are aware in the area.  This allows our members to design there own bespoke fitness plan that will work for their own lifestyle and goals.


We make sure we change each of the sessions periodically to ensure your body keeps adapting and improving.  This is the key to our clients constant progress and what sets SFC apart from the competition.


We have 2 levels of membership to suit all needs and also the option to pay as you train.  Please find out about our classes and prices here.


Group Training

The effect of working in a group is key to the success of the members of SFC.  


The support and close instruction of the trainer is important, but the atmosphere of the gym is the biggest motivation, as people push themselves far harder than they would do working out on their own.  Everyone who has come through our doors has commented they work far harder than they have elsewhere because they don't want to let their training partners down.  At the SFC everything we do, we work as a team, we push each other to make progress that would not be possible on your own.

First session completely free

Don't take our word for it, read some comments from our amazing members here.


If you want to find out for yourself though please fill out the form below to take advantage of our completely free, no obligation trial.

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