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BOX Camp & Kick Boxing


What is it?


Ever wanted to learn to box or kick box, but put off by going to a traditional fighting gym?  BOX Camp is a boot camp style session based around boxing skills with no contact, and our kickboxing is a fun environment to learn self defence with contact sparring completely optional.


The first part of the session is a warm up that will extend into a true test of your cardio vascular fitness and musclular endurance.  We then work on real boxing / kickboxing skills - pad work, offensive / defensive technique and foot movement etc.  The end of the session is normally back to pure fitness - we are looking to end the session with pools of sweat all round.  


One of the biggest benefits of boxing on overall fitness on top of weight management and cardiovascular development is the effect it has on core strength, with most of the movements involving twisting from the hips and working abdominal muscles continuously.


On top the of fitness only non contact sessions, we offer sparring to those who wish to take part after the friday kickboxing class.  Please note that sparring is not essential and not for everyone.


Why do it?

  • Promotes Fat Loss

  • Increase Muscle Tone

  • Cardio Vascular Fitness

  • Increase in Bone Density and Strength of Connective Tissue

  • Agility, speed and Co-ordination

  • Self Defense




When is it?

BOX Camp on Wednesday 7pm and Saturday 9am.  Kick Boxing is on Friday 6.15pm.  

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