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SFC Lift


What is it?


Small group personal training (maximum of 6 members

per session, working through expertly designed weight

training routines that can be attended a maximum of 2

times per week.  In a much smaller group than all the other

sessions at SFC there is more time to ensure you are using

correct form and technique.  Not only will this make sure

you get the most out of the sessions in terms of

development but also ensure you increase flexibility and avoid injury.


These sessions are as much about learning how to train than being led hand in hand through the session - we expect more experienced members to help new members.


We have 2 programmes for members to follow:

  • Foundation - Full body routine concentrating on fundamental skills and base strength.  This is suitable for beginners but also those who only wish to train with heavy weights once per week.

  • Athlete - 3 day's per week split between push, pull and legs.  After years of personal experience and extensive research we have found this is the most efficient way to structure weight training.  


















Why do it?


At SFC we believe weight training will have more benefits to your health than any other form of training.  Everybody should be including resistance training into their fitness routines for the following reasons:

  • Increase Muscle Size and Muscle Tone

  • Promotes Fat Loss

  • Increase in Bone Density and Strength of Connective Tissue

  • Improve Posture, Flexibility and Reduce Risk of Injuries


When is it?                                                                                                                

We have sessions throughout the week at 6am, 9.30am, 6pm and 8pm - you also have the option to work through your SFC Lift routines while the SFC Fit sessions are taking place.



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