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Hatha Yoga


What is it?


Hatha is a general term that encompasses all styles

of yoga that involve holding postures - or what could

be described as physical yoga.  If you have done yoga

before such as Iyenga or Ashtanga, then it would have

been Hatha Yoga.


During our yoga sessions we take from a wide ranging

number of schools of practice but always with a focus

on healing and rehabilitating the body.


Most of our members train several times a week and it is important that plenty of time is taken to help the body repair after the intensity of the previous sessions.  We therefore mainly look at relaxing postures and expect a slower paced stretching focussed class where we can concentrate on alignment and improving posture.


We normally start with a long

mobilisation and warming up stage, we

then work through anywhere up to 7

main postures sometimes with a

vinyasa (flowing sequence).  The session

is always finished with a simple relaxing

pranyama (breathing practice).


Why do it?

  • Increase Flexibilty

  • Static Strength

  • Improve posture

  • Learn to relax and breathe correctly

  • Promotes Fat Loss

  • Increase Muscle Tone

  • Cardio Vascular Fitness

  • Increase in Bone Density and Strength of Connective Tissue


When is it?

We start the week with a relaxing ang restorative yoga session every Sunday 7pm.

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